Laburnum's Chocolate Phantasy

(photo: D.Dalton)


Chelsea, 1/3/95 - 6/12/08

Hips B1B2

Clear Eye Certificate

Lochar Border Patrol Sh. Ch. Wardhill Whistling Miller Sh. Ch. Malacou Dusty Miller Ch. Pericles of Truelindale
Majeba Melody Maker
Sh. Ch. Wardhill Whistling Magic Wardhill Whistling Boy
Black Magic of Wardhill
Lochar Little Model Ch. Lochar Nice and Easy Sh. Ch. Whitemoor Joking Apart
Whintonhill Honeysuckle of Lochar
Lochar Grand Melody Cleavehill Miss Friday
Grand Aintree
Ch. Phantasy Pool of Buzzard Ch.Crichview Cognac Sh. Ch. Teesview Top Notch Cleavehill Acorn
Sh. Ch. Teesview Pandora of Truelindale
Ardencote Anette Ch. Cliffhill Julius
Sh. Ch. Ardencote Tapestry
Ch. Lady Sabrine van de Lage Noord Ch. Norfolk's Moby Dick Woodgay Peddarshay
Balachladich Meikle Mist
Ch. Black Pearl van de Lage Noord Int. Fr. Ch. Cleavehill Goldfinger
Ch. Saxdalens Dette de Vette


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